Joann Harris
Naples, FL
January 8th
There simply are no words...I cannot say enough about this product. I have been a professional makeup artist for over 22 years and I have tested and tried brush cleaners. BRUSH OFF is my answer to prayer and a MUST in my professional and personal makeup kit(s). Cleaning your brushes with anything OTHER THAN Brush Off is like washing an infant in laundry detergent (which is harsh for them). Use Brush Off. Your brushes will thank you and will serve you longer! Joann - Creative Makeup Designs - Florida.

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Jessica Phan
Attleboro, MA
November 2nd
This is probably the best product I've ever used when it comes to cleaning and make-up removing. Not only am I extremely ecstatic at the quality of the products, but I am more than pleased with how excellent Brush Off's customer service is. They truly care about your welfare as a customer, and they are the best to do business with. I will be buying from them from now on. Thanks Brush Off!

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Patrice Elmi
Valley Village, CA
May 23rd
THE most amazing (eyes off) make up remover I have ever tried. I am going to be 55 and have tried eveything from clinique to more expensive to cheaper to using baby oil and this by far the BEST EVER! There is no residue, nothing, just clean eyes, no stinging, only need a little bit and a few wipes, really fast so if you come home late at night and are so tired and tempted to go to sleep with makeup on, this is a miracle. I use it all the time and just ran out of two sample bottles i had gotten somewhere cant remember and was having a nervous breakdown that i woudlnt be able to find it. It willnow become a staple of my makeup and facial dept repetoire!!

I LOVE IT! ITs like windex, looks like windex, but SO GENTLE and effective. thank you for making such a great product. I just bought the BIG BOTTLE. WHen i get some extra $$ (?) i would love to buy wholesale, little bottles to give for gifts to friends, my daughter (19) and her friends etc. amazing product.!!!!!!!!!!! KUDOS!!!


patrice elmi

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Laurie Watson
Fort Smith, AR
February 6th
I am a Cosmetic Counter Manager for one of the largest retail stores. As I am sure everyone here is aware of the volume in these cosmetic departments do. We are constantly painting faces with our cosmetics brushes. My particular line does not sell a brush cleaner, per say but, BrushOff is sometimes available for the consultants to use. I have tried others when we ran out or not available at that time. I would beg, borrow ect.....and inevitably BrushOff would be the one thing that would completely clean brushes. I would use the others to find that the brushes were still dirty and then clean them again, but with the BrushOff and it would be like I have never cleaned them. It is the most amazing solution I have ever found. I have been in this business since 1992.

Thank you,
Laurie W.

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Jennifiere Jones
Atlanta, GA
August 25th
I have been a loyal BRUSH OFF user since 1994 and I adore this product. Brush off is fast acting and allows for proper sanitation of brushes. As a makeup artists, esthetics educator and Founder of RAY OF LIGHT CONSULTING & Events - (a full service spa and events company), I suggest this product to all my new and existing accounts.

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Jin Seno
Hollidaysburg, PA
February 27th
I love Brush Off. I'm a model and do my own make up at my shoots. I knew there was a way to clean brushes fast due to previously working with make up artists, but I could never find anything that actually worked until I found Brush Off. It's a wonderful product and I will continue to use it as long as I'm modeling.

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Terri Carroll
February 15th
I discovered Brush Off some years ago while working as a Makeup Artist for Aveda and this product by far is the BEST brush cleaner on the market. It quickly cleans and sterilizes your brushes and BAM they're Dry and ready for the next makeup application!

I am now featuring Brush Off as our brush cleaner in our business. Thank you!

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Naida Graham
Woodland Hills, CA
October 6th
I use Eyes Off every day and never have to worry about getting my contacts covered in a grease that causes a film over my lense. It's the first time I've ever been able to really slather it on and not worry. I'm hooked!

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Erin M. Rhines
Baltimore, MD
September 29th
I can't say enough about this product. I do large fashions and huge weddings and I need my brushes to be clean and dry in a snap! Brush-off works like a charm!

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Alanna Inthaphone
New York, NY
August 16th
I'm a free lance makeup artist and I always use brush off brush cleaner! It works great and cleans like a charm. It dries in seconds and I don't have to wait an extra minute or two for it to dry unlike other brush cleaners I've used in the past.

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Elizabeth Fischer
August 10th
I just tried Brush Off and it is a wonderful product. Easy to use and it works so well. I am so pleased with this product.

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Jane Walker
Macon, GA
July 10th
I have been a devout user of Brush Off for a number of years. I recently placed an order for Brush Off and have been "introduced" to their new product, Eyes Off. I was so happy with the results that I have already placed an order for the large size of Eyes Off.

The product cleans without without having to rub around the eye area and does not sting the eyes nor does it leave an oily feeling.

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Millville, NJ
November 13th
I LOVE Brush Off!!! I highly recommend it to all my Beauty Advisors in my AVON downline.

I give makeovers frequently and using your product keeps things clean and easy for the next client. Thanks for a great product!

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Michele Mundell
Washington, DC
October 1st
After 20 years as a makeup artist I heartily recommend Brush Off as a great product to take along in your kit. Of course, washing and air drying at home is a regular routine, but when I am out on a job I always clean my brushes between clients.

Other cleaners I have tried are heavily scented....I much prefer unscented Brush Off.

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New York
September 9th
I'm not a professional, just a "consumer," but Brush Off is the best. Because I've been unable to find it in stores recently (Cosmetics Plus, which sold it and where I bought it, went "belly up") I've been using another product that was recommended by a cosmetician but I've found it to be smelly, messy to handle, and not nearly as good.

And then--this morning as a matter of fact--I got the bright idea to Google the product and WOW! I just ordered a supply. I can't tell you how happy I am. Once again, clean makeup brushes.

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Russ McElroy
Norco, CA
August 31st
The easiest way to clean a brush. Quick, simple, and effective. No more wasted time.

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Sami Lacks
New Haven, CT
November 20th
I have been a makeup artist for 10 years and discovered Brush Off perhaps halfway into my career. I love this product! I use it to clean my brushes in between clients; it doesn't leave any kind of residue or smell and cleans them thoroughly.

I also do freelance work for Laura Mercier cosmetics at Nordstrom and they use this product to clean their brushes as well.

This is a great product for the professional makeup artist or anyone who wants to keep their makeup brushes fresh. I also love the convenience of the small bottle that fits in my on-the-job makeup case and I can just use the refill bottle for it as needed. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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October 14th
i totally love brush-off! its the greatest thing, I used to work for Bourjois Cosmetics, and they provided the brushoff for us, and as soon as i used it i was in love with it! but WHY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE???? it needs to be more affordable for everybody....

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Fresno, CA
July 5th
This product is excellent and I would recommand it to anyone. Brush off should definitely get sold in stores. It would be so much more convenient to just grab a bottle when I am out! Just a thought to the Owners of the company :

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Crystal Villasana
Pico Rivera, CA
May 1st
Hi! I work for Lancome and am grateful for Brush Off! It's the best brush cleaner ever! I love that if works and dries so quickly without a greasy feel or smell. I have many customers who try to buy it from us and now I can tell them how to get it! I love it! Thank you !

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Tina van Gils
The Netherlands, Europe
November 22nd
I just wanted to say.... this is the best product on the market today.

I was first intoduced to Brush off when I was working as a makeup artist for Chanel. Chanel at the time was the only retail line that used Brush off.

Many other cosmetic lines were forced to perform their services using cotton balls and q-tips, making the application of the product not as professional looking. Thanks to Brush off I was able to provide the most professional makeup look and increase my product sales.

I've had many customers try to buy my bottle of Brush off.. or it was just missing from my professional tool box. hmmmm. At any rate.. I was always happy to share my bottle of Brush Off. Now, that I am living in Holland, I still have 1 large bottle left. I NEED MORE ! I am hoping that you ship to europe.

Thanks again for helping me to make each client feel beautiful as well as at ease knowing my tools were sterile. Many Thanks, Tina

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Kathy Naramore
Decatur, AL
August 27th
This is the most amazing brush cleaner I have ever used. I am a make-up artist with Estee Lauder and use brushes everyday in my profession.

This is the quickest and most efficient way to clean my tools. Thanks to Bill and Lisa for a fabulous product.

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Midland, Tx
Jun 5th
I work at a well known makeup counter, and I love this product. It's fast and easy just when you need a color switch. I get so many customers asking if we sell it, and now I can send them to this website.

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Lexington, KY
May 20th
Brushoff is the best brush cleanser out there. It cleans both powdery and waxy products from the brushes without a harsh, chemical odor or feel, like most other fast drying brush cleaners. It is also very gentle, and sanitizes without being too hard on the brushes, causing shedding, etc.

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Bill Michel
Dallas, Texas USA
May 6th
I have been a makeup artist for 12 years, and honestly I dont know what I did before I found BRUSH OFF! Your product is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Recently I was to do a photo shoot for a bridal guide, I was putting everything together when I couldnt find my bottle of Brush Off.....I FREAKED OUT! So, being the resourceful person that I am, I called one of the cosmetics companies that I used to travel for and BEGGED a local makeup artist/sales person for some, any, even a few DROPS of their supply......

It was a close call, but I got some, the photo shoot went great, and my brushes are THE CLEANEST! (Look for my order for the 16 OZ size so this story doesnt repeat! :) Thanks!

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Markisohn Brown
Wilmot ,AR
April 10th
I Markisohn Brown clean my brush as offing has i use them because first of all they carring other thing behide them not only that but you can breakout by that. And don't let everybody use your brush because you don't know what wrong with them.

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Cathy Bayer
Metamora, Ohio
Aprril 7th
Recieved my Brush Off and tried it right away. I am very impressed with the product! It works great and is very easy to use.

I always washed them the old traditional way with soap and water, and have ruined many brushes that way. Not only that but it takes them so long to dry. With Brush Off you can use them right away.

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amanda rafferty

Perth, WA

March 12th
hi steve...i read your dilemna re: washing/conditioning tired brushes..and i can tell you that as a makeup artist myself..i have always washed mine with liquid hand wash and then put normal hair conditioner on to the bristles...leave for 2 minutes and rinse..they always come up beautiful!

hope this helps..amanda

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Steven Schapera
Perth, Australia
January 5th
I am looking for ideas as to how to "recondition" a tired brush. Just like human hair gets a bit run-down but can be helped with a nourishing shampoo, I'm looking for something that will do that for a quality makeup brush (eg. large powder brush). Woolite, or a similar detergent for woollen items, is a great cleanser but softens too much - this changes the "snap" of the bristle. HELP PLEASE!

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Shaunda Graham
Port Orange, Florida
August 6th
I am buying a Merle Norman Studio in Daytona Beach Florida. I would like to carry this product in my shop. How do I go about getting this whole sale?

Look forward to hearing from you!

Shaunda Graham

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Las Vegas, Nevada
April 20th
There's no doubt that this is an excellent product, but it said that it only a couple of spays are required, sometimes it takes a lot for than a few sprays to clean the brush.

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February 1st

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Andrew Pattison
Ridgewood, NJ
19 November 19th
I just love it. It always works, it's easy to use and I recommend it to all make-up artists. Thank you brush off!

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Inez Guzman
Chesterfield, MO
May 26th
Dear Bill,I want to thank you for the bonus gift,it was greatly apreciated. I don't know how I lived without this product, it's the best I've ever used.

The bride I was applying make-up to mistakenly got lipstick on her gown. Guess what -- I put some brush-off on a Q-tip and I was able to remove the lipstick leaving barely a trace, fantastic stuff.

Thanks again, LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!

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Jo Anne Burgoyne
Lilburn, GA
April 4th
Just wanted to let you know how much I like Brush Off and how I found out about it.

I was at the makeup counter at Macy's and brushed my coat against a lipstick display. I had about four different shades of lipstick on my sleeve. The sales associate said she had something to take it off. I actually didn't want her to put anything on my coat because I've seen what a mess can come from someone trying to take stains out. I told her I'd take it to the cleaners, but she already had me by the sleeve and was rubbing the stain.

To my surprise, the stain came out and there was no ring of cleaner. My coat sleeve looked like it did when I walked in the store. I got the name of the product from her---Brush Off and am so please with the results when I use it.

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